Yosemite software on macdrug

Hello i have a problem, i have a Macbook, where i get a kernel panic. I then downgraded to the stock install (Mountain lion). then i saw that i can’t download anything (only el capitan, but it is in el capitan the problem is). i saw this file: http://macdrug.com/download-yosemite-dmg-os-x-10-10-without-apple-store/. and i think that this could help because now its only os x 10.10 and 10.11 there can download anything from app store. okay so long so good. BUT! I started up the downloader, it ran correctly in a bid of time, but when the progress bar came, its says that the file is brocken, or its been edited when im installed it. I then downloaded it from the site again, to see if that helps. But no, it did not help, and now i need help because i don’t know what top do. please help.

The direct download link is fixed. Can you try again?