Tuxera or Paragon - 4 reasons why I choose Paragon NTFS


Mac users may be confused choosing the better one between Tuxera NTFS 2015 or Paragon NTFS 14. In the following words, I am going to discuss about the 4 reasons that make me stand for Paragon.

#1. My real experiences
Both Tuxera and Paragon release their paid Mac NTFS drivers in great features. I have tried both of them for quite long time.

  • The newest Paragon NTFS 14 works totally fine or I probably have not faced possible problem yet.
  • Tuxera NTFS 2015 works correctly to enable NTFS Read/Write support except the “Tuxera NTFS could not mount” problem when one of my colleagues asked me to copy a financial statement report from her USB which looks pretty strange. The further researches to find the solution to fix, I found this is a common mistake because Tuxera NTFS does not compatible to almost all Hard Drivers Brands yet.

#2. The cost
Clearly, Paragon offers cheaper price ($19 before discount) relative Tuxera (25 EUR for a single license key).
#3. Reputation and Value of Brand:
Tuxera or Paragon? Base on the Google keywords analysis, there are roughly 33,100 monthly searches of the “Paragon NTFS” keyword with the suggested bid is $1.39.

At for “Tuxera NTFS” keyword, there are just 14,800 monthly searches with the suggested bid is $0.61.

#4. The stability
Base on the results from all users over the world, Paragon NTFS is supposed to work so much more stably relative to Tuxera NTFS. Google always shows 130 results of “Tuxera ntfs could not mount” when I even did analysis the potential keywords related to Paragon ntfs problems.

Paragon is a very famous company in making powerful Hard Driver Integration softwares, their products must smart enough to cover almost all characteristics of different Hard driver brands.

In another side, Tuxera NTFS is developed from NTFS-3G, a free open-source which is contributed by hundreds of Linux distributions such as Fedora, Mandriva, and openSUSE. It is not officially supported, updated, released by any companies. This explains why the compatibility level of Tuxera NTFS is still low somehow.
Tuxera or Paragon? Hopefully my short review would bring some wise information.

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Tuxera or Paragon? Please leave your comments if you want to share your experiences.