Tuxera NTFS 2018

Tuxera NTFS 2018


Tuxera NTFS is one of the only 2 commercial NTFS Drivers for MacOS. By using this software, mac users have the right to read or write data from any USBs or External Hard Drivers in NTFS format.

Tuxera NTFS for Mac Main Features
Tuxera NTFS is actually developed from the a free-open source, NTFS-3G driver. Let’s look at the following features of this application.

  • Fully access data from NTFS Formatted Volume
  • Supports All Mac OS X versions
  • Create NTFS partitions + disk image
  • Verify and repair NTFS volumes
  • Extremely high performance in read or write by the smart caching technology makes Speed similar to native HFS+
  • Automatic translation of file names
  • Supports the third party softwares such as Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion


  • Easy to install and use
  • Supports third party softwares well


  • Expensive cost for single license
  • Common “Tuxera NTFS could not mount” error
  • Conflicts with the native Apple NTFS driver
  • No money back guarantee

This paid software is redesigned from NTFS-3G, a free open source, while costs too much for the license. I would pay for Paragon NTFS for Mac 15 rather than Tuxera 2018. Base on too many reviews on internet, Paragon NTFS is revealed to be the best NTFS software for Mac OS X.


Tuxera is awful. And it was, between Mavericks and Win7 drives, until a problem developed. Some files that I had copied from HFS+ to an NTFS disk were intermittently visible. They showed as zero length to many apps, though from terminal I could sometimes see they were not. This was not a simple permissions issue, something was very wrong, and let’s remember how different the two file systems are. I carefully documented (I’m a long time Unix and NT developer) and contacted Tuxera support. They sent me simple Tier 1 canned answers, then they became sarcastic, and then they stopped communicating. This was a serious data loss situation and they didn’t step up to the problem. I uninstalled Tuxera and switched to Paragon, which has been fine, though I don’t yet have enough experience with it to really trust it.