Tips to recover unsaved word document in macOS Mojave


This topic will reveal several tricks to help you recover unsaved word document in macOS Mojave.
macOS version 10.14 was published by Apple in autumn 2018, which engages to bring a myriad of amazing features with more iOS apps and security improvement to Mac customers. A number of users desire macOS 10.14 Mojave will handle several compatibility problems coming from previous versions of macOS, for instance, High Sierra. In other words, this version of macOS has the ability to recover lost documents whenever your Mac gets crashed or your worksheet in Word is unexpectedly closed. Read this post in detail to discover this awesome feature.

Solution 1. Open Temporary Folder with Terminal.

  • Step 1. First off, head over the Applications section

  • Step 2. Next up, launch the Utilities directory and click on Terminal

  • Step 3. Then enter the following command and press enter: open $TMPDIR

By performing this, you will open the TMP folder

  • Step 4. After that, access the folder named: Temporaryitems

Now, check out if your unsaved word document is in there or not. I hope that this

Solution 2. Using Auto Recovery in Microsoft Word

If the first method doesn’t work, another solution you should give a try is to locate the AutoRecovery function for your lost word document on macOS Mojave.

  • Step 1. To do so, head over the Go menu in Finder

  • Step 2. Then, click on Go To Folder

  • Step 3. After that, paste the following address:



  • Step 4. Next up, search for the file that starts with " AutoRecovery " and includes the name of your word file

  • Step 5. Now, you can rename the file by adding “.docx” at its end.

  • Step 6. Then, launch the file. It should be the last saved version of your word document.

  • Step 7. In the last step, click on File at the top and select the Save As option to save your file.

Solution 3: Using Time Machine on macOS Mojave

Follow the steps below to operate Time Machine on macOS Mojave:

  • Step 1. First, launch a Search window.

  • Step 2. Next, enter " Time Machine ".

  • Step 3. Then, click on the Time Machine icon

  • Step 4. After that, you can use the Time Machine timeline to retrieve your lost word document.

  • Step 5. Finally, choose the files you want to restore and click Restore.

Solution 4: Using Third-Party Software


As far as I know, there is pretty much Third-Party Software which has the ability to restore your lost document. However, in this topic, I highly recommend you to try Disk Drill because you will have a good chance of retrieving almost all your documents by using this software. As a matter of fact, Disk Drill has user-friendly features that are self-explanatory and simple to follow. I’m sure you can find out the process to recover your data on macOS Jave in a short time.

To conclude

I understand how stressful and frustrated you are whenever you lose your essential documents. But after reading these explained tips and tricks, I hope you can find the appropriate resort to deal with this hurdle. From now, you already know four workable method to retrieve your lost data due to different causes.