The "Other" data takes almost 1/3 my HDD on My iMac

The "Other" data takes almost 1/3 my HDD on My iMac


It shows 6980 GB of “Other” via Info. What kinds of Data are stored in the Other area? How to manage to delete them?

Thank you!


You should Re-index Spotlight and see the differences.
Step 1. From System Preferences, choose Spotlight
Step 2. From Spotlight system preferences, access Privacy tab
Step 3. Click the Plus button
Step 4. Press Shift-Command-C keys to reveal your hard drives, or simply navigate to your hard drive (most likely MacintoshHD)
Step 5. If you have more than one hard drive, hold the Command key and click your various drives to add them to your selection
Step 6. Click the “Choose” button to add them to the Privacy list
Step 7. You must Ignore the warning.
Step 8. Lastly, remove the hard drive by clicking the minus sign.


If you are using OmniDiskSweeper, just try running OmniDiskSweeper as root. Assuming it’s in /Applications…
Copy and paste this command in the Terminal

sudo /Applications/

This will check it out if there is something in the hidden folders.


Backup your Mac and clean the junks and unused files from startup disks. You can try this free app, it worked for me. Once the Spotlight gets reindexed it will reflect the storage space changes. Good Luck.