Sufficient methods to deal with iPhone Not Sending Picture Messages


This topic will provide several solutions to help you deal with iPhone Not Sending Picture Messages.
At times, you are excited to send your awesome pictures to share with your friends or family. However, The picture messages are stuck and cannot be delivered along with an exclamation mark icon appears. Indeed, this issue is frustrating and it makes you annoyed. But don’t worry because you can find the solutions to get rid of this in this post.

Tips to Fix iPhone Won’t Send Pictures in Text

Solution 1: Make sure that MMS Messaging Is Enabled

The primary method you should do is to ensure that MMS Messaging is activated on your device. It is obvious that your picture cannot be sent if this function is disabled. If you’re wondering how to enable MMS Messaging, you can follow these steps: Open Settings app → scroll down and tap on Messages → Next, turn on the switch for MMS Messaging. After that, restart your iOS device then try to send your photo message again.

One more thing is that you need to check out if you have a trusted internet connection or not. Open Settings app → Mobile/Cellular Data and then turn off the switch. If you are using Wi-Fi, launch Settings appWi-Fi and then turn off the switch and then turn on again. Eventually, give a try to send the photos again.

Solution 2: Turn OFF/ON iMessage

To do so, launch Settings app → tap on Messagesturn off the switch next to iMessage . Now, restart your device and then turn on iMessage. After that, check out if the problem is solved or not.

Solution 3: Reset Network Settings

If the problem still persists, you should reset your network settings. Note that it will erase all the Wi-Fi passwords. To do so, launch Settings app → tap on General → scroll down and hit Reset → tap on Reset Network Settings and confirm.

That’s pretty much it! I wish those tips will be useful for you to get rid of the undeliverable photo messages on iPhone.