Steps to Enable Mono Audio for Airpods on iPhone or iPad


In many cases, iPhone users are favour in using Airpods to listen to music. But to get full dual-channel, listening to both Airpods is necessary.
However, sometimes for some reasons, you wish that you can use one Airpods to listen to audio. So how to enable this function on your iPhone or iPad?

Let follow these below steps:

  • To start, you have to make sure that you possess an Airpods matched your gadgets.
  • The following step is to open Settings and select General.
  • Afterwards, click on Accessibility.

  • Next, find and turn on Mono Audio .
  • Turn off Mono Audio in case you want to use stereo again.

Now you can try to follow the afore-mentioned steps to trun on Mono Audio on your iPhone.