Steps to Change the Text Size in Messages App in macOS Mojave on Mac


This post will reveal a short instruction to guide you in changing the Text Size in Messages App in macOS Mojave on Mac.
MacOS Mojave is considered as an awesome operating system with Tapback feature included. If you’re owning Mac running macOS Mojave, you are also able to read your old messages from your friends or your family to save your meaningful moments. However, the text size is not really comfortable for you. Have a quick look at this post to manage to modify the Text Size in Messages App on your Mac.

How to Adjust the Font Size in Messages App on Mac in macOS Mojave

  • Step 1. First off, launch Messages app on your Mac → Then, click on Messages in the Menu bar.

  • Step 2. Next up, select Preferences.


  • Step 3. In the last step, click and drag the slider next to Text size in order to change the size of the text.


You can drag the slider towards the left to reduce the text size and drag it towards the right to enlarge it.

In case you are having an older macOS.

  • Step 3. After hitting Preferences . Click on the drop-down menu next to Text size.

  • Step 4. Then choose Other.

  • Step 5. From here, you can select your desired text size or adjust the same by dragging the slider (Up/Down).

That’s done! Now you already know how to change the text size in macOS. It’s easy as pie, right? I hope the explained instruction will help you feel more comfortable when using your Mac