[Solved] Can not see Video on FaceTime after upgrading iOS

This happens commonly during Video Call through FaceTime on many users, especially the one who have just upgraded iOS 9. The errors:

  • You can see the others, but they can not see you (You still can see your self at the conner).
  • The called friends can see you, but what you see is only an image of them on the screen.
  • No video while voice seem to be transmitted well from both sides.

How to fix?
After a while chatting with Apple support, this works on me:

  1. Check the date and time if they are not set correctly.
  2. Reset Networking setting (Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings) then Reboot the device (iPhone or iPad).
  3. After reboot, add Google DNS (, to your network setting.

I do not know why but after all above, the problem is solved on me.