Solutions to fix completely iPhone stuck in headphones mode


Get stuck in headphones mode on iPhone? The following solutions really work out to fix completely this problem.

The symptoms
That your iPhone get stuck in headphone mode prevents you from hearing the sound. And commonly, when user goes to change the volume level, the little volume indicator says “ringer (headphones)”, and the iPhone just acts like when you plug the headphones in. No sound of keyboard clicks, no notification of message sound, and no sound during phone call without using headphones or speaker function are serious troubles. Here are the solutions to fix completely iPhone stuck in the headphones mode.

  1. Plug and unplug the headphones for several times.

  2. Get a song played and allow iPhone to lock —> Insert iPhone compatible headset jack —> Unlock your iPhone —> Stop Audio and unplug jack.

  3. Get iPhone locked then plug the headphones in —> Press down the power button until seeing “slide to power off” bar on the screen —> Take off the headphones —> Press the “Cancel” button visible at the bottom of the screen —> Check the sound to see if the issue is fixed.

  4. Clean up the headphone jack by using toothpick, compressed air, or needle to remove any dust or dirt.

  5. Get a Q-Tip or toothpick and swab around inside the port to dislodge any remaining particles.

After 5 above solutions, iPhone stuck in the headphones mode issue should be fixed. Otherwise, it’s time bring your iPhone to the nearest Apple Store for further assistances.