Searching Image and Reversing Image search using Google Chrome on iPhone


It is certain that sometimes, when doing a web search, your eye can be caught by an image. To learn more about its information, you can need our instruction as follow to do a search for this image. In this topic, we will also teach you how to reverse image search. Both applied on your iPhone

Here is some steps that can help you perform this task:

  • Open Google Chrome

  • Press on the image, then click on Search Google for This Image at the bottom line.

  • Now the web will show you a list of websites posted it and within these websites, there will be information that you may need.

If you want to reverse your image search, follow these below steps:

  • You can see that at the right corner at the bottom of the screen is a three dots symbol. Click on it.

  • After the menu appears on the screen, find the line Request Desktop Site and select it.

  • You can see that there is a camera icon on the screen, click on it. Then choose Upload an image.

  • Select Choose file, then tap on Photo Library

  • Next, choose the image you want to reverse. Look at the below picture to make it clear.

  • Now, Google will show you the sites providing the similar pictures and the relevant search choices.