Paragon software coupon, promo codes - huge discounts for Mac users


Paragon not only offers 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, but also keeps releasing coupon and promo codes frequently for 20%-50% discount on all Paragon softwares.

Here below are our all softwares & utilities for Mac OS X

##1. 3-in-1 Mac® Bundle

This bundle includes:

  • NTFS for Mac® 14
  • Camptune X
  • HFS+ for Windows® 10: a driver that provides full access to Mac® HFS+/HFSX file systems under Windows.

Use this promotional page, you take advantage of 2 levels of discount on 3-in-1 Mac® Bundle (just $31 instead of $39.95 or original $59.85).

##2. Paragon NTFS 14

Easy to install, this NTFS driver enables mac users to read/write to NTFS partitions in Mac OS X. Paragon NTFS provides users with full access to Windows file systems under Mac OS X environment.

Beside using Paragon NTFS coupon code, mac can save money on order of multiple licenses.

  • $19.95/each license on order of 1 to 2 licenses
  • $16.95/each license on order of 3 to 4 licenses (save 15%)
  • $14.95/each license on order of 5 to 9 licenses (save 25%)

Paragon NTFS 14 20% discount page (the coupon is added already)

##3. Paragon Camptune X

This is the best tool to resize bootcamp partitions in Mac OS X. Rearranging space between NTFS and HFS volumes is so simple with using Camptune X.

Paragon Camptune X discount
At for this application, users save 35% on a Bundle of NTFS for Mac®, HFS+ for Windows®, and Camptune X.

Otherwise, you can go to the Paragon Camptune X 20% discount page (coupon is added).

##4. ExtFS for Mac OS X 9
This software gives user with full read and write access to Ext2/3/4 partitions under Mac® OS X.

Paragon ExtFS for Mac® 9 is a low-level file system driver was specially developed to bridge file system incompatibility between Linux and Mac OS X by providing full read/write access to the Ext2/3/4 file systems in Mac OS X.

20% Off - ExtFS for Mac OS X 9 discount page (coupon is added)

For all Paragon Softwares (for both Windows and Mac OS X), get the discount links from this page: All Paragon Softwares Coupon updated by Macdrug


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