NTFS-3G could not mount – Fix

NTFS-3G could not mount – Fix


NTFS-3G could not mount ” becomes a nightmare error since the number of mac users using NTFS-3G, the only free NTFS driver, increases steadily. Look at the following article to see the causes and solutions to fix.

Recognize the error

Your circumstance is probably different. However, the error notification commonly begins with “NTFS-3G could not mount / dev / disk1s1 at /Volumes/…” after your NTFS driver plugged in.

The causes

Technically, this happens due to your current NTFS-3G does not support the NTFS versions associated with the driver. In other-words, you either did not install the latest NTFS-3G or installed the combination of Fuse, NTFS-3G and Fuse-wait in a right way.

Solutions to Fix NTFS-3G could not mount error
We would recommend uninstalling the current NTFS-3G then reinstall the latest version in a right way.

After above solutions, that the problem remains the same is normal due to the very low compatibility of this application since NTFS-3G is a free open-source and contributed by hundreds of Linux distributions such as Fedora, Mandriva, openSUSE and Ubuntu.
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