My iPhone 5 gets stuck at apple logo loading bar during iOS 9.1 Upgrading, How to fix?

I could not upgrade to iOS 9.1 on my iPhone 5 because it gets stuck forever at apple logo loading bar.

I am a patient person, but it has been a few hours being stuck like that. Are there any solutions to get rid of this trouble?

Hopefully, you have no trouble with the hardware. You should restore your iPhone from DFU Mode to see if you can go through or not.

More specifically,

  • Press then keep holding both Power and Home buttons for 15 seconds, then free only the Power button while continues to hold the Home button in 10 seconds further until iTunes get connected to your iPhone.

  • Press and hold Option + Alt on Mac keyboard or Shift in Windows and choose Restore iPhone.

  • Select setup as a new phone.
    Best luck :slight_smile:

Many thanks