Microsoft Office will no longer work without a key to open it

Microsoft Office will no longer work without a key to open it


I subscribed to your service and paid for a week of free Mac app downloads.

I am thinking that I have been ripped off. I downloaded Office and it worked fine until now when it asked me for a key to make it all functional which obviously I do not have.
Exactly the same thing occurred when I downloaded photo Sense, it too asks for a key to make it functional. In my estimation as I cannot use either of these programs they have not been cracked at all.

I would be grateful if you could respond to this email asap and explain to me this phenomenon and how I can get these programs to work!

Thank you


Could you clarify which Mac Office version you have been in trouble with? It would be perfect if you could mention the specific link.


Microsoft Office 2011
14.5.1 the one which is in the box as top downloads:

I subscribed for a week and I followed all the instructions. It downloaded onto my hard drive I unzipped it and it opened with Word Excel Power point etc. Both excel and word worked fine… I could input data and retrieve files. When I closed it down and rebooted my computer it no longer worked asking for a product key. The reason I got this is because I have migrated my data form my old mac mini to my new imac and needed MS Office for Mac to work with the major part of my files. I am now stuck and I cannot find the key for my old MS Office which I purchased with my Mac mini already installed. New macs have no DVD drive and one needs to install the application. This is urgent and I would appreciate your assistance asap.

Thank you

PS Photo sense is not essential I can do without but MS Office for Mac 2011 is…


This happens on just a few users, and we have not known why get. We would suggesting installing Mac Office 2016. The direct download link is updated here: