Manually backup Microsoft Outlook 365 Data on Mac

Outlook 365 on Mac OS X has a defect that really make me sick. Microsoft does not include exporting data means users have no way to export old email. When you change to a new Mac, the only solution is restore the entire Mac OS X from old Mac to new Mac using Time Machines.
In this topic, I share a tip to backup Microsoft Outlook 365 Data manually, then copy to another Mac for usual using.

Firstly, you need to know how to access Library folder. From Finder window --> Click on Go from the top menu and press Option key --> Library will appear.

From Library folder, go to Group Containers folder. There will be 3 folders which contain data of Office Outlook 365:

  • xxx.Office
  • xxx.OfficeOsfWebHost

Be noticed: xxx is different on users. Mine is UBF8T346G9 and before backup, you should update your Office Outlook 365 to newest version.

Now you can transfer the whole data of Office Outlook 365 to a new Mac. On the new Mac, just quit Office Outlook 365 completely, then move the above 3 folders into Library/Group Containers.