Mac NTFS Write – Possible Free Solutions

Mac NTFS Write – Possible Free Solutions


MacOS does not support fully NTFS (New Technology File System), which is common used under Windows environment. How to Write to NTFS Drives (USBs or External Drives) on Mac?

Reasons That MacOS Does Not Support Wirting to NTFS Drives by Default?

Technically, Writing Data to different file system partition is much more complicated than Reading Data from a different file system volume. That support writing to NTFS file system without data loss leads to a massive expense to the Mac OS development and test teams. Further more, Apple may leave a chance to external Mac OS software developer to create NTFS drivers for Mac.

God blessing, we are still able to use one of the following 3 solutions to Write to NTFS drive (USB or External Hard Drive) on Mac for free.

FREE Solution 1: Manually Enable Mac NTFS Write Support Using Terminal
We call this is Apple’s Experimental NTFS-Writing Support. It requires some basic knowledge about Linux system. We have just shared the specific tutorial from this thread .

FREE Solution 2: Installing NTFS-3G
NTFS-3G is the only Free NTFS driver for Mac. It is a software project designed to bring NTFS read/write support to the Mac platform, along with additional advanced features. NTFS-3G itself is included in hundreds of Linux distributions; for example Fedora, Mandriva, openSUSE and Ubuntu use NTFS-3G as the default NTFS driver. Development has been ongoing since 2006.

It’s pretty complicated to install NTFS-3G into your mac properly. You may want to take a look on our instruction here .

Commercial Solution: Use Professional NTFS Drivers

Paragon NTFS For Mac 15 is supposed to be the best NTFS Driver for Mac. It supports fully MacOS all versions including the new MacOS Mojave.

Main Features:

  • Beats down the barriers between Windows and Mac OS!
  • Effectively solves the communication problems between the Mac system and NTFS.
  • Providing full read&write access to Windows NTFS partitions under Mac OS X.
  • Excellent solution for end users, SOHO and the Enterprise.

Please contribute your solutions if possible.

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