iTunes 12: Sync Songs To Your iPhone, iPad or iPod

Today, in this topic I will show you how to sync songs to iOS devices whether be an iPhone, iPad, or even iPod Touch.

Whenever you plug your iOS device into iTunes, you will be able to see and Click on the iOS device logo-button in the upper left hand corner right next to these different icons for Music, Movies and TV Shows. You then are able to select Music on the left side bar.

Now there are 2 different ways. You can sync music to your device either manually or automatically.

  1. If you do it automatically, every time you plug the device in, the system will automatically sync the music and update the change. Just check on Sync Music, it will automatically sync music to your iOS device. Every time you plug your iOS device in, if you have new songs, it will automatically sink that Library to your phone. If you delete any songs, it will do the same on iOS device.

  2. If you do it manually, you actually drag the songs over to the device.
    Now, if you want this to happen, you just manually take the songs from the computer to your iOS device. Leave Sync Music unchecked, and go to Music under On My Device on the left side bar to see none is there. Go to the Music back on iTunes and apply the change or do not apply.

Click on My Music to view the list, select certain songs, click and hold, drag songs over the iPhone and then release (all targeted songs need to be downloaded and exist on your computer)

Now if you go back to your Music on your device, all the copied songs are there.