iPartition alternatives?

iPartition alternatives?


I need to upsize my Bootcamp partition for more free space to install some softwares in Windows 10, iPartition seems to help without formatting and being lost data in Mac OS X, but it costs more than $30 for a single license. Do you know any free alternatives?


Get away from iPartition! I lost all Data when It was frozen during the process with my 8TB drive. Camptune X works fine on me so far.


STELLAR PARTITION MANAGER would be a choice. It Resizes BootCamp partition
and HFS, NTFS and FAT partitions


Stellar stupidly costs $39 to just upsize or downsize bootcamp partition. Who do they think they are @@
I have no idea about any free alternatives yet, but if having to pay money, I would stand for Paragon Camptune X.


20% OFF paragon software coupon is still available. Just go to the Paragon Camptune X discount page (coupon added into the link) to pay less.


Are there any options to do in Windows without formatting? :soccer: