Instruction to use Adobe Zii to get Adobe software activated [Free]

Instruction to use Adobe Zii to get Adobe software activated [Free]

thank you so much for this app. However it seems like after using 4.3.9 to patch photoshop 20.0.5, the trial period still remain.
What should I do?

thank you.

thank you for such a great app.
However, there is some error in Adobe Zii 4.4.0 to patch Premiere Pro 2019 (ver13.1.4 Bulid 2).
I patched Premiere Pro by using Adobe Zii 4.4.0, but the trial period still ramain.
Plz fix this issue as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Hello, I am using Zii 4.4.0 to crack acrobat Pro DC 2019.012.20034. It said patch successfully but when I click on Tools/Edit in Acrobat, the subscription box pops up and I cannot edit the pdf. Have tried to reset trial time by using 2 commands you provided but still not working.
Can you please advise way to crack that properly? Thanks

hello. thank u for your crack
but since I tried to do it on after effects, the application won’t open, i can’t run AE anymore… do u know why ?

ok I updated AE and repatched it and it works

It will not work :confused:
1)Clean all old adobe lightroom parts
2)Install without internet the offline version
3) Use the patch
4) Start Lightroom logging to cloud
5) see the trail :confused:

Hi There,

I have downloaded and followed the instructions at the same time for Adobe Illustrator and InDesign -
Now, I have installed them offline, opened them once, patched and opened then with Wifi as well. Illustrator, is showing a message that subscription is ended and I should buy, however the app keeps running fine (this has happened in the past 3 days).

However for InDesign the countdown to the end of the trial period keeps going. Is it something I have missed or should just ignore this? Also it would not open the app without Wifi if they could not check the subscription, so I was required to sign in.

Thank you!

everytime i try to drag in after effects cc 2019 it says product is not supported but its 16.1.3

PLEASE HELP. I have downloaded and installed Adobe Acrobat PRO DC many many times and it never displayed K’ed by TNT. I always have to delete and start over every week. I use Adobe Acrobat a lot and would love some help here. Mac OS Catalina

HI Digger I have Adobe Acrobat Pro DC software and evrytime I try to start the application the following message comes up " Sign in , new user? create an account or close adobe. clearly the only choice to close the app