Instruction to Pin Apps in full screen on Mac


In this topic, we will show you how to Pin Apps Side by Side in full screen on your MacOS. Take a look at the following instruction.

The first step you have to perform is to open the two apps that you want to pin. You cannot minimize the two apps and assure that the window of both apps can be seen.

Tap and hold on the green button until an outline appear in the screen (This outline locating on the left of the screen illustrates apps that you want to pin). When this outline appear, you can release the button.

Now this app will be pinned to the left side with full screen. On the right side, other apps will be shown. Select one app you want to pin.

After the apps are pinned together, the button will disappear. Now you can see a thick line dividing the two apps. To change the way the screen is divided, you can tap on and navigate the line (The original setting is that the apps will be divided as each has half of the screen).

The slider will help you change the size of the apps, so that one app can use more space than the other.

Note: To exit the full screen, navigate the mouse to the top side of the screen until the green button appears. Then tap on it to exit. Finally, switch over to the last app and tap on the button to use it in normal viewing mode.