How to undo an iBooks conversion and revert back to iTunes

At the title, in this topic, i would sharing an instruction to undo an iBooks conversion and revert back to iTunes. In other words, the two following questions will be solved after this thread.

1. How to prevent conversion from iTunes to iBooks?
2. How to revert back to iTunes after a conversion?

Step 1: Stop the bookstoreagent process.

Step 2: You should move the file to somewhere else to prevent it from starting up after reboot,Moved its file to elsewhere (Documents) so it wouldn’t start up again on reboot.
The context now is you organized all your files (music, videos, books, pdf,…) in iTunes Media folder.

Step 3: Launch iTunes, then go to iTunes —> Preferences —> Advanced —> check on Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library.

Step 4: From iTunes, go to File —> Select Library —> Then check on Consolidate library. And all your book or pdf files get reappeared (i mean they are copied back) in the iTunes Media folder.

Step 5: After 15 seconds, restart the iTunes.

Step 6: Remove iBooks for Mac and the books in the new iBooks storage folder.


Step 7: Get your iPhone or iPad synced.