How to Set An Image As Homepage in Safari on Mac


This topic will present the instruction of How to Set An Image As Homepage in Safari on MacOS device. Modifying the homepage in Safari on Mac as you personaly desire is easier than ever before with these tricks. You will be able to use an image or webpage for your homepage as you prefer by following the steps below. Let’s get started!

Use an Image as Homepage in Safari on Mac

  • Step 1. Launch Safari on your Mac.

  • Step 2. Next, click on the Safari menu bar and select Preferences.

  • Step 3. Then, guarantee that the General tab is already selected. After that, you need to drag the image and drop it into the Homepage text field . Next, the file path of the photo will pop up.

That’s it! your image now is set as the homepage of Safari.

Set Any Webpage As Safari Homepage in macOS

Besides, Safari also allows you to set any webpage as the homepage

  • Step 1. Launch Safari on your Mac → Click on Safari menu and choose Preferences. Make sure the General tab is selected.

  • Step 2. Next, copy the link of the webpage and paste it in the Homepage text field.

Choose When Your Custom Homepage Is Shown

Then, you can choose to adjust when your homepage is shown. It is worth noting that it works perfectly for both an image and a webpage.

In case the preference pane is open, hit the New windows open with a drop-down menu and select Homepage.

As the same way, click on the New tabs open with a drop-down menu and choose the Homepage.

Finally, close the settings window to validate the changes.

Wrapping Up:

Hope that the simple tip above will help you personally make your Safari has a new and charming look.