How to Resume el capitan download after constant "Waiting..." message

El Capitan update paused and won’t download is quite common during El Capitan upgrade process. More specifically, El Captain update download doesn’t continue after restarting the Mac. It is really impossible to resume the download. The result stays at just “Waiting…” for hours. Attempting to restart the Mac does not make thing change. How to get rid of this trouble? There will be some solutions.

Solution 1

If resume button does not work from App Store Purchases tab, just try to remove the installer from your Applications folder, then start a new download again.

Solution 2

This is simple but actually worked on me: In App Store, selecting Store > Check for Unfinished Downloads

Solution 3

  1. End the “App Store” App
  2. Launch the “Terminal” (Found in Application folder)
  3. Enter the following command line:

defaults write ShowDebugMenu -bool true

  1. Open the “App Store” app
    Now you have in the menu-item “Debug” - open it - and open “Show Download Folder”
  2. Delete all files and folders in the folder “”
  3. End the “App Store” app
  4. After restarting your Mac, clean the trash bin
  5. Try to download the new El Capitan again from App Store.
    The above must be helpful.