How to Reset Your Mac Password

How to Reset Your Mac Password

The following topic will show you how to Reset Your Mac Password

Whenever you do not remember your Mac password, you can simply recover it using these three useful solutions. The instructions below will reveal them all to help you get the right to log on your Mac again. Let’s get started.

Solution 1. Regain your Password by using password hint

You possibly notice a “?” icon on the right password field whenever you type your password to access to your Mac at the login screen. Then, you will see a line of the “password hint” if you click it. Now, try to remember your recent password if the hint gives you signs about it. If the hint doesn’t trigger any clues in your memory, you should continue reading.**

Solution 2. Take the advantage of Another Admin Account to Reset Mac Password

Another tip is that you can use the privilege of another user to have the access to your Mac if you created or knew more than one admin account on your Mac.

  • Step 1. Get the information for the password from your co-worker also using your Mac and then go to System PreferencesUsers & Groups.

  • Step 2. In the Users & Groups window, click the lock icon at the bottom left corner and type the password to make changes.

  • Step 3. Next, select the account that you do not remember its password. Then, click Reset Password.

Now apply** a new password. **It is necessary for you to also set a password hint, even though it is not a compulsion.

Keep reading if you don’t have any other Admin users on your Mac

Solution 3. Access the Recovery Mode on your Mac to Reset Password

This final method will provide the instruction to help you reset the password using the Recovery Mode on your Mac.

Notice : this resort will take effect only if you have not enabled FileVault encryption. Once you enable FileVault encryption, you have to know the Recovery Key before you have the permission to reset the password.

  • Step 1. Restart your Mac in Recovery Mode.

  • Step 2. Then press the power button on your Mac and quickly press Command + R key on your keyboard. Hold the button until Apple Logo and a loading bar pop up.

  • Step 3. When you accessed to the Recovery Mode, go to UtilitiesTerminal from the status bar.

  • Step 4. In the Terminal, enter resetpassword (all one word, lower-case letters) and press Return.

  • Step 5. In most cases, the volume containing a user account will be scanned by Recovery Mode. However, if you see the option, choose the volume which has the account (usually your primary hard drive).

  • Step 6. Now, Select the account to modify through User Account.

  • Step 7. Next, type your new password and verify it. Again, ensure that you create a new password hint.

  • Step 8. Select Set Password and wait for the Recovery Mode to complete your request.

  • Step 9. When the process is done, Restart Mac and type the new password you created in the Recovery Mode to access to your Mac.