How to Pair Apple Watch to the iPhone again without erasing


I have just un-paired my Apple Watch on my iPhone 6S. That was an accident, and now I want to pair the Apple Watch with my iPhone again. But It seems I have to erase the Watch for the execution.
How do I pair my iPhone with my watch again without erasing it?



There must be some different method to force your Apple Watch to reconnect to your iPhone without pairing it again.

1. Airplane mode

  • Flick up on the Watch face to go to the “Glances” menu, then tap on the airplane button to turn on the Airplane mode.
  • Next, just tap the Airplane button again to disable Airplane mode.
  • In the next few seconds, your Apple Watch will be paired again with the iPhone again.

2. Force Apple Watch pairs again with the iPhone without erasing through Bluetooth
If your Apple Watch displays the red strikethrough iPhone icon representing the fact that it is no longer connected to your iPhone, you can force a reconnection via the iPhone’s Bluetooth settings.

How to do? From the iPhone screen, get to Control Center to turn the Bluetooth Off then On again. Then just select the Apple Watch from the list of Bluetooth devices. By doing that, the Watch will be paired again with the iPhone.