How to make a bootable macOS Mojave installation USB quickly on Mac


In this short tutorial, we will instruct you how to easily create a macOS Mojave USB installer using Disk Drill in MacOS.

These following stages will guide you

  • Step 1: You must have a 16GB USB or higher.

  • Step 2: Download Disk Drill from here.

  • Step 3: Next step, download the MacOS Mojave installer from Apple Store.

  • Step 4: At the next step, you will need to implement Disk Drill launching.

  • Step 5: Plug the USB drive into your Mac.

  • Step 6: Performing in Disk Drill with a click in Create Boot DriveOS X / macOS Installer.

  • Step 7: If Disk Drill automatically point to the location of macOS Installer, you are in the right way. Otherwise, Click Locate installer on disk then point to the location in the Applications folder manually.

  • Step 8: When you see Use as Source, click on it.

  • Step 9: Click on Make Bootable button . Assure that you choose the accurate drive for the reason that the whole contents of the chosen drive are then deleted.

  • Step 10: Looking to the warning screen, click on Yes to proceed.

    Disk Drill will implement the task of copying the needed files resulting in the USB drive bootable. A confirmation box will appear when this stage finished. Click OK, let’s do it to make the process.

After finishing, wait for the connection between the drive to your Mac now your macOS needs to be reinstalled on, then rebooting and holding the Option (⌥) key at the same time. In this location, select Install macOS Mojave to load the macOS Utilities tool.