How to Get Text Messages and iMessages on Mac

How to Get Text Messages and iMessages on Mac

The following instruction will guide you in getting Messages & iMessages on Mac. in 2014, Apple released OS X Yosemite which is an awesome operating system which allows users to connect between an iPhone and a Mac. In other words, if your Mac is running this macOS or later, you will be able to get text messages (SMS) on your Mac. This is actually one of the most convenient features, which helps clients receive both iMessages and text messages once their devices connected the iCloud accounts. If you don’t know how to control your text messages and iMessages on Mac yet, have a quick look at this post to see how to get it done.

How to Get Text Messages & iMessages on Mac

Operating System Requirements:

Before we can go further, you need to ensure that your Mac is running OS X 10.1 Yosemite or above. It is acceptable if your Mac is running El Capitan or the latest MacOS Sierra. Moreover, it is a compulsion that your iPhone must run iOS 8.2.1 or later. Once you get them done, you are ready to go.

Sign into iCloud on iPhone & Mac:

In order to receive text messages on a Mac from your iPhone, make sure that you already logged into iCloud using the same Apple ID on both devices.

Step 1. First off, on your iPhone, open the Settings app. Then tap on Apple ID at the top iCloud to check out if your iCloud account is logged in or not.


Step 2. Next up, on your Mac, launch System Preferences iCloud. Your email address will appear under your user icon on the left. Ensure that it’s the same as the Apple ID on your iPhone.



Step 3. Afterward, it’s time to have a look at Messages to check out if you logged in or not. You can simply launch Messages app → Messages → Preferences at the top.


Step 4. Now, Select Accounts iMessage . Here, you can sign in with the exact Apple ID you used on your iPhone.


Step 5. Then make sure you check both your Apple ID email and phone number.

Step 6. Finally, quit Preferences but let the Messages app open.


Connect iPhone Message to Mac: Text Message Forwarding

Step 1. To do so, on your iPhone, open the Settings app .

Step 2. Then select Messages .

Step 3. Here, choose Send & Receive .


Step 4. Now, check out both your phone number and Apple ID email are homogeneous with your Mac. If not you can simply tap on it to modify.


Step 5. Later on, go back to Messages . Tap on Text Message Forwarding .

Step 6. Then switch on your Mac.


Step 7. Once you get it done, a box will pop up requiring for a code.

Step 8. Next up, you will receive a verification code in the Messages app on your Mac.


Step 9. In the last step, enter the verification code in the box that appeared on your iPhone.


That’s done. You have just successfully set up the connection between iPhone Message and Mac. From now, you will be able to control your message and iMessage of your iPhone via your Mac. I expect the instruction above is helpful for you.