How to get rid of Mail Not Working After macOS Mojave Upgrade


This post will target to explain a tutorial to fix the problem that mail not working after macOS Mojave upgrade.
Since being released by Apple, macOS Mojave provides diverse functions containing dark mode, the dynamic display mode, enhancements of the Photo App and more. However, it was reported by a small number of Mac clients that their Mail apps get crashed or closed accidentally after performing the macOS Mojave upgrade. If you are confronting the same issue, follow the instructions below to deal with it.

Before we get started, I suggest you make sure that you already have a clean backup of your Macbook just in case something goes wrong. Once you get it done, you’re ready to follow these steps:

  • Step 1. You’re probably having a not responding Mail App, now try to force quit the app on your Mac by using the dock icon. In the case, you cannot perform it, you can launch the activity monitor.

  • Step 2. Afterward, navigate to the Spotlight icon at the top right corner of your MacBook and enter Activity Monitor (image) in the text field. Then, select the Activity Monitor App to open the tool.


  • Step 3. Then, you will see a pop-up window. Now, enter Mail in the search box and select the app. Next, click on X on the top left corner to close the application.

  • Step 4. By doing that, you have just quit the app manually. Now, it’s time to erase several prior-state files.

  • Step 5. To do so, launch the Finder App.

  • Step 6. Next up, press and hold the Option key and Select Library from the top menu.

  • Step 7. After that, head over the folder Containers → → Data → Library → Saved Application State and move the folder called to your bin.

  • Step 8. Now, we will wipe out the Mail app library containers

  • Step 9. Start Finder App, Press Option Key and click on Go on the top menu and select ~/Library/Containers

  • Step 10. Then find the two files below and drag them out to your Desktop. By doing so, you have just reserved them.
  • Step 11. After that, delete the Mail Envelope files from the Library by using Finder App as aforementioned.

  • Step 12. Next up, the Envelope files are located in MailData folder. In your Finder App menu bar, select Go. Then, enter the path of the Mail folder in the text field.

  • Step 13. Now broaden MailData folder. Copy and paste the three files presented in the image below to your desktop.

  • Step 14. Afterward, remove your Trash and Restart your MacBook and then try relaunching Mail app. Check if your Mail issue is solved or not.

  • Step 15. Once your Mail app is running properly without any problem and does not crash or hang, you can delete the reserved* files on your desktop.

Depending on how you set-up your Mail App, your preferences for Mail might look different as they set back to default.

Mail Folders Missing After macOS Mojave Update

In some cases, you may not find your Mail Folders after a macOS Mojave upgrade. However, you can get rid of this problem by checking your Mail Connection.

  • Step 1. First off, start Mail App.

  • Step 2. Next, select Window on the top menu and click on Connection Doctor. This feature will present problems of Mail Account connections.

  • Step 3. Now, you need to re-check your Account settings or sign out and re-login your email account into Mail.
    In the case your connections are superb and your folders are still hidden, you will need to rebuild your Mailbox and Re-index your messages.

That’s pretty much it! I hope the revealed instruction will help you fix your Mail app and get it running properly.