How to Fix Mouse and Keyboard Stuck on macOS Mojave on VirtualBox


The following content of this topic will present an approach to Fix Mouse & Keyboard Stuck on macOS Mojave on VirtualBox. Apple released macOS Mojave which is the next operating system for Macintoshes on WWDC 2018. This has been attracting a myriad of people desire to install and try it. However, each user who wishes to experience this operating system is required to own an Apple computer (Macintosh) and an annual fee of $99 for an account. Hence, the trend is to install macOS Mojave on VirtualBox/VMware on a Windows operating system. However, during this process, there will be several troubles that people have to confront like stuck of mouse and keyboard. This simple method will guide you to get rid of this error.

Install VirtualBox Extention Pack

Step 1. First off, access and download the latest VirtualBox Extention Pack.

Step 2. Then, launch VirtualBox and click on File > Preferences or Ctrl + G.

Step 3. Afterward, go to Extention tab and click on Add button on top right.


Step 4. Choose the VirtualBox Extention Pack that you downloaded in step 1 and then click Open .


Step 5. Next up, hit Install .


Step 6. Then scroll down and click on I agree to the terms of Evaluation License (PUEL) to operate the installation


Modify the VM Operating System Version

If the problem still endures after getting the VirtualBox extension pack installed, a solution to overcome this problem is changing your MacOS Mojave operating system version. To do so you can open VirtualBox then go to the VM (macOS Mojave) Settings and from the General tab just change the Version to Mac OS X (64-bit) instead of macOS 10.13 High Sierra or Sierra (64-bit) then hit OK to confirm the change.


Enable and Use USB 3.0 Controller

Notice : Make sure that you only do this step when the mouse and keyboard are still not working after you complete changing the OS version and getting the VirtualBox extension pack installed.

First, launch VirtualBox then go to the VM (macOS Mojave) Settings and from the USB tab, select USB 3.0 (xHCI) Controller. In the next step, click on Add button then list your mouse and keyboard under USB Device Filters.