How to fix if Wifi is not working correctly under macOS Mojave?

How to fix if Wifi is not working correctly under macOS Mojave?


After upgrading to the new macOS Mojave, Wifi functions may not work correctly. Whatever the problems are, the following solution would help you to get rid of troubles.

Firstly, if it’s possible, try to connect to another WiFi network (Personal Hotspot is an easy example) to find out the cause is your MacOS Mojave or the Router.

Secondly, it’s very important that if you have installed any network manager applications such as Little Snitch, you should remove all, then reboot your Mac to see positive results.

How to fix Wifi not working correctly under MacOS Mojave?
I would recommend to Turn Off then Turn the WiFi back On. If the problem remain the same, hopefully the following solutions would helps.

Solution 1: Reboot your Mac.
You may have done this natural solution already. If the problem remains the same, take the solution 2.

Solution 2: Remove the Mac’s Bluetooth potentially corrupted files
This will actually make a new Wi-Fi Configuration in macOS High Mojave. How to locate then remove the corrupted files?

or Library/Prefernces/SystemConfiguration/

Locate and remove the following files if existing (you may need to make a backup of them before deleting):

Reboot the Mac at normal then see if the problems are going to be gone!

Solution 3: Use Apple’s Wireless Diagnostics
How to call Apple’s Wireless Diagnostics under MacOS Mojave? From the screen, hold the Option key while point the mouse to drop down the WiFi icon at the Top-right corner.

Solution 4: Customize your New Custom Network Location

The above steps would fix almost all common issues with Bluetooth you may face with the new macOS Mojave.


Solution II worked!