How to fix if Spotify doesn't show up in Spotlight?


I had expected to not face this problem when I still used Yosemite. But now, after upgrading to OS X 10.11, I still see this bug.
More specifically, only system files show-up when searching for ‘Spotify’ in Spotlight, not the app. I have to launch Spotify
from the Dock. Is this my only problem?



What you need to do is reset your Spotlight Index then reindex your file structures.

Step 1. From System Preferences, choose Spotlight
Step 2. From Spotlight system preferences, access Privacy tab
Step 3. Click the Plus button
Step 4. Press Shift-Command-C keys to reveal your hard drives, or simply navigate to your hard drive (most likely MacintoshHD)
Step 5. If you have more than one hard drive, hold the Command key and click your various drives to add them to your selection
Step 6. Click the “Choose” button to add them to the Privacy list
Step 7. You must Ignore the warning.
Step 8. Lastly, remove the hard drive by clicking the minus sign.
Done, the issue must be solved now :slight_smile: