How to fix if Safari is locked for security reasons


During my use of safari on my iPhone 6, it is locked for the following security reasons.

Your apple device has been locked for security reasons. You are advised to call the number the helpline number +1-800-457-5916 as soon as possible. Please do not use your device it may lead to stealing of data, contacts and personal information.
Kindly speak to the customer care representative in order to get this resolved. Call Support for Apple now on +1-800-457-5916

It seems someone is hacking or wanting to scam you. How to get rid of troubles?

You need to immediately reset your device (iPhone or iPad) and clear up all available Clear Cookies and Data

How to Reset? Press and hold the Power button (Sleep/Wake button on iPad) and the Home button together until you see the apple logo appears.
Clear information from your device

  • If using iOS 7: Settings > Safari > Clear History > Clear Cookies and Data
  • iOS 8: Settings > Safari >“Clear History” and then tap “Clear History and Website Data ”.
  • iOS 9: You might find the way your self.