How to fix calendar is not syncing after El Capitan upgrade?


I am in trouble with the Calendar.
It is not working after upgrading to latest OS X 10.11. I have tried chatting with Apple Support, and we finally found no solution. My iPhone was working fine in Yosemite, so there should be no trouble with the iOS. Now calendar is not syncing any more. Need someone’s help.



Well, I actually faced the same problem after I updated to El Capitan. The following did solve the problem.

  • Go to System Preferences then click on Sign out button. You then must be warned that if you turn off iCloud driver, all documents stored in iCloud will be deleted from your Mac. Do not be concerned since all date is still kept safely from iCloud server. Just go ahead by clicking on “Delete from Mac” button.

  • After that, restart your Mac, then re-login to your iCloud again. Users will be asked to verify the login request (I verified it from an iPhone).

After all above, your problem should be solved.!

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It works. Thank y so much @flowrider



Great. @flowrider Do you know how to change the default email in the Mail app? I mean after Capitan update, my default/primary email address is switched from a business to a personal email. It turns to very annoying now because I need to change which address the email is from once I create a new email :cold_sweat:



Go to Mail —> Preferences —> Select Composing —> choose the form at at Send new message from.