How to Convert Photos or Videos into GIF using Shortcuts on iPhone and iPad


The topic below will show you the tutorial to Convert Photos or Videos into GIF using Shortcut on iPhone and iPad. Converting your media files into GIF format on iOS 12 is easier than ever before with this useful tip.

How to Create GIFs from Photos or Videos on iPhone or iPad using Shortcuts App

Create a Shortcut to Convert Photos or Videos to GIF

Step 1. First off, Open Shortcuts app on your iOS device.

Step 2. Then, hit Create Shortcut button.

Step 3. Afterward, type Make GIF in the search field and choose Make GIF.

Step 4. Enter Save File in the search and choose it.

Notice : The default setting will set your file to be saved in iCloud Drive. However, it’s possible to save it in another cloud service like Dropbox. You need to tap on Service and select the preferred option to do that.

Step 5. Then hit the small settings icon at the top right.

Step 6. Up next, give a suitable name to the shortcut. Pick out a nice icon from it.

Now it’s time to inspect the option to run this shortcut using your voice. To get it done, tap on Add to Siri → Tap on Record buttonSpeak/Type the phrase → Tap on Done to Confirm.

Step 7. Turn on the switch next to Show in Share Sheet.

then, tap on Done at the top right. Tap on Done again to finish.

Great! You’ve successfully created a shortcut. Let’s convert your shots.

Convert Photos or Videos into GIFs with Shortcut on iPhone and iPad

Notice: This tip doesn’t work with Live Photos. Therefore, ensure to take simple images as input.

Step 1. First, launch Photos app on your iOS device.

Step 2. Then, go the photos or videos you want to use.

Tap on Select and choose the desired images or video then tap on Share button.

Step 3. Afterward, select Shortcuts app in the share sheet.

Notice: It is understandable if the Shortcuts app is not visualized in the share sheet. It’s because you have not used the Shortcuts app yet. If you need to add it, tap on More button and turn on the switch next to Shortcuts. Then, tap on Done to confirm.

Then, it’s time to wait for a moment until the app has completely prepared your images.

Step 4. Up next, tap on shortcut you have just generated. The app will directly convert your shot to GIF.
Then, save it at the location you prefer by choosing the desired folder and hitting Add.

Convert Live Photos to GIF with Shortcut on iPhone

As aforementioned, it is necessary to generate a different shortcut to convert the Live Photos into GIFs on your iOS device. When you have modified it, you can do it easily. To get it done, hit the shortcut link → customize it → then select the live photos → run the shortcut → in the end, save it to your preferred location.