How to cancel my pending order from Apple Store?

How to cancel my pending order from Apple Store?


I made an order for a new iPhone 6S yesterday night, and the order seems to be still pending because I have not received any confirmation emails to inform if my order is completed yet. Now I just want to cancel my pending order. However, it seems there is no option to do that.


It is quite simple to cancel your Pre-orders or pending orders on Apple Store. Look at the following steps.

  • Login to your account, then select View My Appie ID.

  • Click on Manage Pre-orders in the Settings section at the bottom of the Account Information screen in iTunes on PC.

  • It is very clear now to click on the Cancel button next to the right of the pre-order products you want to cancel.

There must be a quicker way to cancel your pending account on Apple store. Just chat to Apple support. After a few question to confirm your information, some one will call you to accomplish the rest of procedures.