Hiding (then Finding) Apps on iPhone - Detailed Guidance


When using iPhone, sometimes you will find it necessary to hide apps for some reasons.
Hence, in this essay we bring you methods to hide apps on your iPhone.
Notice that these guidances works on iOS 10 and up to 12.

Follow these below instructions:

To get started, Place apps you do not want to hide in first pages of folder. Make sure you fill the first pages.

  • Select an existing folder on your iPhone (you can also create a new one).
  • Tap and hold on the app until all apps wiggle.
  • Hold and move the app to the folder you use for hiding this app. (Like the following picture).

  • Fill the first pages of the folder with maximum of nine apps you do not want to hide.
  • Navigate app to the right to create new page in the folder.

  • Move apps to the newly created page, and then hide 1-2 apps to make sure that others do not know you are hiding your apps.
  • If you want to hide almost of your apps, create 12 pages at maximum (at least 1 app in one page).

Notice that this tip cannot hide your apps completely.
Now you can hide apps on your iPhone that you do not want others see them.