Handle Move Mouse Pointer Using the Keyboard on Mac

Handle Move Mouse Pointer Using the Keyboard on Mac

In this topic, I am going to show you how to Move Mouse Pointer Using the Keyboard on your Mac. You might not know that you can move and control the mouse pointer via Mac keyboard. But it will not be a problem if you know this tip to operate and use it rapidly.

Follow this instruction to Move and Control Mouse Pointer with Mac Keyboard

  • Step 1. First , Go to System PreferencesAccessibilityMouse & Trackpad.

  • Step 2. Next, check the box on the left of “Enable Mouse Keys.”

By doing this, you will enable the Mouse Key function on your Mac. But you will need to adjust it a little to make it as what you require. Anyways, the process is very simple.

  • Step 3. In the same window, hit “Options…”

Here you are able to modify the features below :

-Press the Option key five times to toggle Mouse Keys

-Ignore built-in trackpad when Mouse keys are on

-Initial delay

-Maximum speed

Once you get it done, you have adjusted the preferences as you prefer. Up next, let’s see how you can actually use it.

How to Use Mouse Keys on Mac Keyboard

If the Mouse Keys option is activated, you will be able to use it everywhere. The cursor controls are as the rule below:

If you have a numeric keypad on the right of your keyboard, you can use 2,4,8, and 6 number keys to control the movement of the cursor down, left, up, and right respectively. At the same time, the 1,7,9 and 3 number keys give you permission to move the cursor diagonally.

In case you have a Mac keyboard without a numeric keypad, K, U, 8, and O keys will move the cursor down, left, up, and right respectively. While the J,7,9, and L keys will move the cursor diagonally.

In order to click or select anything, press 5 on the numeric keypad. On the standard keyboard, you can press “I”.

To hold the mouse button, press “0” key on the numeric keypad and press “.” (period) to release it. On the keyboard, you need to press the “M” key to hold the mouse button and “.” (period) to release.

It is obvious that using the mouse through keyboard will be tricky due to the fact that you have to memorize many keys, but gradually you will handle controlling it with regular practice.

Signing off…

Using Mouse Keys maybe not appropriate for a normal Mac user. However, artists and designers who are pursuing perfection will appreciate this functionality provided by MacOS.