Guidance to Passcode Lock Apps using Screen Time in iOS 12


This topic aims to guide you how to passcode lock apps on iPhone, iPad, iPod iOS using Screen Time. Learn how to create passcode for iPhone apps to control its usage.

Introduced in 2018, Screen Time in iOS 12 is like the Restriction Option in iOS 11. This new feature indicates the usage and the total time you spend on your iPhone as well as how to control it.

How to Passcode Lock Apps in iOS 12?

Within the Screen Time, there is a variety of features such as Downtime,** Allway Allowed**,** Content and Privacy Restrictions**. But in this topic, we will show you how to control your iPhone’s usage with App Limits - a feature helping you set the maximum amount of time you use apps.
The following steps will show you how to use this feature

  • Step 1: Open Setting app, then click on Screen Time button. Find the use screen time passcode button and select it. Create a passcode before click on App Limits, where you need to enter this passcode.


  • Step 2: Within App limits, select add limits options”, then click on All apps and categories. Set the limit time at 1 min.


  • Step 3: In case you want to change selected apps, click on all apps and categories again, then select Edit Apps, choose the apps you want to change to, and then tap on Add.


  • Step 4: After perfoming these above steps, now if you want to open any apps, you need to click on ask for more time button, then enter the passcode you had set. Finally, select the time you want to use this app.


Wish that you have a great time using this new feature of iPhone.