[Fix] iPhone is Disabled or iPad is Disabled problems

My nephew was trying to unlock my iPhone using random pass-codes he like. At the result, I faced “iPhone is Disabled, connect to iTunes” issue on the screen. Here below is how did fix and get out of trouble. The following must work on iPad as well.

Completely Fix “iPhone is Disabled - connect to iTunes” Issue on iPhone and iPad

  1. Get your device connected to iTunes on Mac or Pc, select your device from the top left corner.

  2. Just click on Back Up Now to backup your device

  3. Set your iPhone in to DFU mode: Turn Off the phone completely, hold the power button for 3 seconds, then Press and hold the Home and Power for about 10 seconds. After that, release the Power button but keep the Home button pressed for 15 seconds. This whole processes will send your device into DFU mode.

  4. Once iTunes asks you to restore the device. If you click on Restore, it would erase all current data of your device including the passcode.

  5. Now, make sure not to set up your device straight away. Quit the iTunes, disconnect your device and connect it with computer again and then launch iTunes. Select your device from top right corner and click on Restore Backup in the Summary tab. You should see the time and date of the latest backup, click on Restore to confirm.

It takes a while until your device has been restored. Once the process is done, you would be able to use your device without passcode again without iPhone is Disabled or iPad is Disabled problems.

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