Fix iMessage and FaceTime - Activation Errors - unable to sign in iOS 9

After updating to iOS 9, many users have been facing errors related to iMessage and FaceTime in logging in or activation:

unable to sign in iOS 9
an error occured during activation. Try again


  • Firstly, you should make sure Apple ID is Set for both iMessages (Settings —> Messages —> iMessage) and FaceTime (Settings —> FaceTime).
    Is your right email address configured correctly? Is your phone number included in the list? Just make sure if the Apple ID is exactly your email address and that phone numbers are stored.

If all information is set properly, just toggle to disable then re-enable the services again.

Settings > Messages > OFF > then ON
Settings > FaceTime > OFF > then ON

  • If now the problems remain the same, you might need to reset all network setting.

Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

  • Switching to another WiFi network or Using Google work on too many users.
    go to Setting —> Tap WiFi —> Look at targeted the wi-fi router / network name that you get failed to join > tap on the (i) info button.

scroll down until you see the DNS section, and tap on the numbers to the right. We suggest 2 DNS services you should use:
a – Google DNS: To use Google’s DNS, use any of these addresses in the DNS field:,
b – OpenDNS: You can enter either of these addresses to use OpenDNS:,

  • After all above if the issue still existing, you may need to restore your iPhone at the last chance.

I have no other WiFi networks to switch, but changing the DNS to Google DNS worked :blush:

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