[FIX] Game Centre freezing and not working after upgrading to iOS 9

[FIX] Game Centre freezing and not working after upgrading to iOS 9


This is very annoying for users who often play games on their iPhone and iPad. After upgrading to iOS 9, Game Centre does not work right away any more. It is freezing, leads to a white and blank screen and does not seem to connect like it should suppose to be. How to fix?

I need to say that this is a serious bug and it does not help when I attempt to clear all setting, reset to factory, and even restore from Backup. After the whole, Game Centre wont load, and some games keeps freezing that leads to crash.

The point is it really works well on users who just bought a Brand new iPhone and using a new Game Centre Account. I therefore suppose that there should be something wrong with the cache files related to iOS 8 after upgrading. So I finally found the solution.

Step 1: Go to setting > Game Center > Sign-out the current Apple ID.
Step 2: Register for a new Apple ID, then login to Game Centre using the new Apple ID account.
Step 3: After you make sure there is no problem with the new account, Sign it out and re-login using your affected apple ID. And all trouble should be gone!

After all above, if them problems remain the same, the only way to get rid of trouble is either wait for the new update from Apple or Downgrade to iOS 8.4