Failed to download adobe cs6 master collection for mac

Failed to download adobe cs6 master collection for mac


I have purchased my download by paypal and received my recipe but have not yet unlocked the download?!!??!
how do i download this file?

Page title: Free download | Adobe CS6 Master Collection for Mac| Full version for Mac OS X YOSEMITE
IP address:
Browser: Safari 9.0
Operating system: Mac OS X Puma
Screen resolution: 1440x900


Please be patient since the download link must be sent to your email once paypal confirms your transaction.
Please check the junk or spam box as well.


I have received the download and it’s an unrecognised file format on my computer.
I have also downloaded the UnRar Sharp as it was made clear that this is the best way to extract the file.
The file will still not open and is unrecognised in the Unrar sharp app


will the download work on OSX El Capitain ?


I have just figured your problem out. The file you have just downloaded is a torrent file format. You just need to install uTorrent or any torrent softwares, and then get it downloaded through torrent method.
The file size is too big (must be more than 6Gb) to upload directly on the server.


No one has complained if it does not work on El Capitan yet.


kool. Many thanks for your help. I will try the new link and see if it works that way :slight_smile:


This is our duty. Thank y so much for supporting us :slight_smile:


lol torrent won’t open and has been quarantined due to adware! :frowning:


It does work from my side.