Download TotalFinder-1.7.3 Full version Free - Compatible with OS X 10.11 El Capitan

The one who used to use TotalFinder in Yosemite is asked to update for newer version which is compatible with OS X 10.11.
In this topic, I provide the download of TotalFinder 1.7.2 Full Free and a little tip to make it run right away in El Capitan.

TotalFinder-1.7.3 Full Download:

Disable a little function part of System Integrity Protection (SIP) to run TotalFinder 1.7 right a way in OS X 10.11
Restart the Mac, then hold Command + R to go to Recovery mode. You then Click on Utilities from the menu bar, then open Terminal.

Copy and paste the following into Terminal, then hit Enter.

csrutil enable --without debug

Then reboot the system.


TotalFinder 1.7 should work fine in OS X 10.11 after all of thing above.

I would give y a beer for this share dude :smile_cat: