Discover how to Leave and Mute the Conversation on a group text on iPhone


It is undeniable that Group text is really helpful. But in many cases, you will want to leave the group or mute the conversation. So how can you do that. This topic will show steps to do it for iPhone users.

Guidance to leave a group text:

  • Firstly, Opening Messages app and choose the group you want to leave.

  • Select the Group header on the top.

  • Click on the info symbol like in the below picture.

  • Choose Leave This Conversation and click on the Leave This Conversation again.

  • To finish, click on the Done button.

  • Now others still in the group will see a text informing you had left the conversation.

In case, you just want to mute the conversation, follow the below instructions:

  • Open the group you want to leave, then choose the info symbol.

  • Turn on Hide Alerts button and click on Done at the upper-right side on the screen.

  • At the left side of the Group name, you will see an icon like a moon. This means that you has muted the conversation.

  • Another choice for you is that slide the group conversation to the left and select Hide Alerts to mute the conversation.

The afore-mentioned steps will help you feel more comfortable when using group chat: learn how to leave and mute the conversation in a group chat.