Checking FaceTime Data Usage on your iPhone - Instruction


Do you know that you can create FaceTime calls via any Internet connection including cellular data connections and Wifi. With this situation, FaceTime will count the amount of data but not amount of time. In this case, you may wonder about how much data the Facetime calls have been used.
To answer this issue, let take a look at the following procedures:

Create FaceTime call:

  • You can use Siri with the command: Hey Siri, Call [Contact Name] with FaceTime Audio.
  • Or you can also Choose a contact by opening Contacts app, then select contact name you want to make FaceTime call. Afterwards, choose FaceTime to start.

Check FaceTime data usage

  • Step 1: Open the Phone app and select Recents
  • Step 2: Within Recents, find the call you had made before. Look at the right side of the contact, you will see the “i” circle icon. Click on it.
  • Step 3: On the screen, you will see the details of this FaceTime call, also the amount of data used.

Hope you succeed with the above instruction