Bluetooth is not working correctly under MacOS Mojave [Fixed]

Bluetooth is not working correctly under MacOS Mojave [Fixed]


The bluetooth functions may not work correctly after upgrading to the new MacOS Mojave. How to Fix?

Solution1: Reset your Mac’s Bluetooth Module
+, Click on the Bluetooth symbol in the top-right corner while you keep holding both Shift and Option (Alt) buttons. You may need to make the bluetooth symbol visible first in System Preferences -> Bluetooth .

+, You will easily to click on Reset the Bluetooth module under Debug submenu. After all, reset your Mac and the Bluetooth functions must work well again under MacOS Mojave.

Solution 2: Remove Your Mac’s Bluetooth potentially corrupted files
There are 2 files that we should delete.

  • The first file:
    +, Click on “Go” on the menu bar and go to “Go to Folder…”, then Type “/Library/Preferences” in the “Go to Folder” Window then click on Go button.
    +, In the “ Preferences ” folder , find and delete the file.
    The second file:
    +, From the Go to Folder window, type “/Library/Preferences” and then click on the blue “Go” button.

    +, Find and remove the file
  • After all, Reboot the Mac.

Solution3: Reset Bluetooth mac using Terminal
If bluetooth is not working correctly on the new MacOS Mojave, that reset bluetooth function would help:

Terminal (Found in Applications/Utilities), enter the following command lines one by one. Your administrator password, which is used to login to your Mac may be required.

sudo kextunload -b


sudo kextload -b