Best software and solution for creating a Hackintosh backup

Best software and solution for creating a Hackintosh backup

If you have passion with using a computer, surely you know the notion of Ghost in Windows. In this share, we will see a best software with simple use to do backup of a macOS which was installed on a Hackintosh PC.

Benefits of macOS backup

  • Protect your Hackintosh Pc from risks of operating systems error, kext installation error,…
  • Change a new hard drive without the need of new fresh installation.
  • Confident to attempt news.

Good things about R-driver Image

  • Intuitive Interface with easy to use.
  • Able to select one Partition or many Partitions, or entire hard drive when doing backup.
  • Backup file with small size due to the ability to read HFS format of macOS.

How to use of R-driver Image?
Download R-Drive Image v6.0 Build 6006 Full version here.

1. Backup

  • Select Create an Image

  • Choose the Partition you want to perform backup. Choose macOS Partition for MBR. Choose an additional EFI Partition for GPT.

  • Select backup file’s location and name


  • Choose level of file compression in Image Compression Ratio


  • Next, press Start to create a backup file in macOS.

2. Restore

  • Select Restore from an Image
  • Choose file containing image that you want to restore.
  • In Image, you can find information about the content of image file. In Destination, you can find information about existing hard drive in your laptop. Notice that, you can only choose ONE region of the ENTIRE hard drive (after choosing, there will be a redline under). Hence, if your macOS has an accident, try to restore again the region containing macOS at first. If cannot, additionally restore boot region.


Note: Destination must have bigger or similar capacity compared to Source, and after restoring, Destination region will be as small as Source plus a space like the following picture:


  • To finish the backup process, press Start.