Are Canon Printers Compatible With MacBooks?


Have you ever wondered “Are Canon Printers Compatible With MacBooks?”. This topic will help you answer this question.

Nowadays, MacOS has expanded a larger market share compared to what it was in the past decades. However, if you are a MacOS user you might sometimes struggle with compatibility problems between Apple devices and Canon printers. As a matter of fact, more and more people are interested in using MacOS instead of other operating systems due to its outstanding features and amazing performance. For this reason, most third-party organizations such as printer manufacturers have developed native support for Apple devices and updated drivers as an action of adaptation. But there are still issues that you can confront for example a new Canon printer may not compatible with a MacBook or an older Canon printer may have the ability to work with your Macbook through an option you might not know.

Download Canon Mac OS X Drivers

The principal method that you need to do first for your Canon printer to be compatible with your MacBook is to make sure that you already downloaded and installed the driver for Mac OS X from the Canon offcial website. There will no problem for this step because Canon has supported drivers of some printers for MacOS even an older version like MacOS8. By getting the driver installed, you will be able to experience the entire features provided by your printer.

Native Support of Printers

Besides, you might not know that your MacBook already offers native support for your Canon printer. Check it out because your printers will works perfectly on your Mac even you don’t have to download or install any Canon Mac OS X driver. If you have some problems of installing a driver on your idevice, this is defintely a good solution. In most cases, MacOS X is compatible with newer Canon printers.

Basic Printing Support

Perhaps, you can face with some troubles like there is no available driver due to the age you’re your Canon printer and your MacOS version. If you get into this difficult situation you can give a try to connect the printer in a basic mode. Basic black and white printing is sometimes allowed to operate even without driver but your printer need be to designed to support some basic modes. If your demand is not too higher than the basic black and white printing, you can take effort to try this way.

Printer Network Sharing

If your printer is shared over the network through a Windows machine or through a WLAN printer server, you can try to connect to the printer. This solution basically is to take advantage of some standard network protocols which allows you to have some basic printing from your Canon printer.