An useful method to Disable Transparency Effects in macOS Mojave on Mac

The following guidance will help you be able to Disable Transparency Effects in macOS Mojave on Mac quickly and simply. Sometimes, you might want your interface of your Mac to look real and you feel like the existing animations are not necessary. Let’s find out the way to take the transparency effects away on Mac.

How to Turn off Transparency Effects on Mac

The fact is that you are still able to turn off transparency even you have not updated your macOS.

  • Step 1. Simply click on Apple menu and select System Preferences.


  • Step 2. Next, tap on Accessibility preference pane.

  • Step 3. Then, click on Display in the sidebar.

  • Step 4. Last, tick the box on the left of Reduce Transparency.


That’s it! Have a look at the title bars, buttons, and sidebars. They don’t have the same color as the items located behind the window.

Eventually, it is not difficult to undo it by easily unchecking the box for Reduce Transparency in Display preference panel.